For 1: 1 Rolex Daytona Repica Watches, before, JF factory and AR factory have done it, but they are not completely perfect. JF uses 7750 movement, so the thickness is wrong, and AR uses 7750 movement to change 4130. Movement, but the balance wheel position is not the right version. Although the thickness is corrected, the most funny thing is that the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock position pointers are just dummy, so there is no fundamental correction!

N factory Rolex Daytona Repica Watch hands can move, the function is to achieve the original version. The AR factory Daytona can realize the second hand timing function, while the minute timing, clock and hour hand can not move. So I can tell if the N-Rolex Daytona and AR Factory Rolex Daytona can see if the two small pointers can move. 1:1 made 1:1 swiss eta movements rolex replica.

However, some merchant houses buy the old version of Daytona as the new version of the 4130 movement. How can this change be distinguished?
The old version of the Rolex Daytona Repica Watches is a 7750 chronograph movement. The 7750 is a one-way clockwork. You just need to pick up the watch and shake it. When you hear the automatic rotor rotates quickly, it is the 7750 version, and the N factory 4130 version. There is basically no sound, because it is a two-way clockwork.
The new customized version of the Rolex Daytona Repica Watches from the N factory is exclusively Cal. 4130 automatic winding movement, the thickness is the same as the original, and all the functions are fully realized. The unprecedented use of a customized version of the KIF shock absorber is based on the real Cal. The 4130 movement design, the three-layer substrate from chamfering to the sun pattern completely respects the original design 1: 1, not only killing all copies of Daytona on the market, but also the only copy Daytona that can be compared with the original. Investing tens of millions of dollars to develop the perfect CAL.4130, finally achieved stable timing and complete functions. After many years of waiting, good things are always shocking.

First: Fully synchronize the authentic CAL.4130 movement, which is thinner than any imitation 4130 movement in the past, making the replica of Daytona finally synchronize the authenticity in thickness.
Second: Fully synchronize the real daytona CAL.4130 movement to achieve full functionality, functions completely consistent with the authentic (the modified 7750 can also have full functionality, but it is too thick and unstable after modification, AR's imitation CAL.4130 machine Core, in terms of stability, it is possible, but can not achieve full functionality, the exclusive custom movement of the N factory this time can be described as perfect)
Third: The unprecedented use of customized KIF shock absorbers, KIF shock absorbers are relatively high-end movement shock absorbers, in the past in the development of re-engraved movements will never use this shock absorber, However, NOOB does not hesitate to do it. The whole machine is designed according to the real Cal. 4130 movement. The three-layer substrate from chamfer to sun pattern completely respects the original design.
Rolex Daytona has always been the hottest style on the market. No matter JF factory, AR factory, BP factory have tried their best to create close to the original version, but in the end, it is the old-fashioned watch N that is the top replica watch. Factory, through layers of research and development! The thickness is the same as the original, and 100% of all functions are fully realized. Because it is completely re-engraved based on the authentic 4130 movement, the appearance is very close to the original. Through evaluation, I hope that friends who like Daytona will not have to tangle the versions anymore. It can be said that Daytona has the best replica of the industry ever! It's worth starting!