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The focus of Tudor in 2019 is P01, but they have also quietly launched a new color of Black Bay Bronze-rock gray, which is also the fourth iteration. In more than three years, we have seen matte brown circles The first generation of the model, as well as the special model of Bucherer with blue face and blue circle, and the special model of 2017 OnlyWatch in khaki green, the basic design of the latest Black Bay Bronze is unchanged, but it is presented in new colors. The dial has a rock gray gradient and a gray bezel.

Tudor launched its first Black Bay watch in 2012, which attracted much attention. This is a matte black dial, snowflake needles, gold-plated printing, burgundy bezel, ETA-based movement, and a retro-style diving watch that costs less than $3,500. It was not until 2016 that Tudor released the Black Bay bronze watch. It uses a huge 43 mm case, which is entirely made of aluminum bronze, warm brown bezel and dial and 3, 6, 9 Arabic numerals, is a tribute to the early Submariner. From the beginning, the Black Bay bronze watch was installed with Tudor's own movement MT5601, with no date and no extra decoration.
From simple three-hand watches to GMT dual time and chronographs, Black Bay has a variety of configurations and complex functions. But bronze watches are different. This is largely due to the increased case size, with a diameter of 43mm and a thickness of 15mm. In addition, it is the only Black Bay that uses Arabic numerals on the dial. It's a little outlier in the whole family, but from the proportion of snowflake needles to old-fashioned diving watches, Black Bay's design language is everywhere.
Rock Grey Tudor Black Bay Bronze Watch
The dial of the Rock Grey Tudor Black Bay Bronze Watch is a true star, and to be honest it is the only novelty of the entire watch. The latest case is balanced between the cool gray of the balanced bronze case. The soot or gradient dial is dark at the edges and lighter at the center, and the bezel is even slate gray. Subtle but striking, this is a welcome change that makes bronze more attractive. A nice side effect of the new dial is improved readability. But the contrast of the new dial makes it even better. The Arabic numerals 3, 6 and 9 on the dial are an important part of the history of Submariner. This arrangement appeared on the earliest Rolex Submariner models. Ironically, the Arabic numerals never appeared on the early Tudor Submariners, which made the Black Bay bronze watch the only vintage Sub temperament watch in the Tudor diving watch. In fact, my personal opinion is that although Tudor's price is not high, you can buy its replica watch, no one will know that it is fake, release tudor replica watches the purchase link to everyone.
In order to avoid the irritation of the skin caused by copper materials, all bronze watches are made of steel or titanium alloy as the bottom cover. Tudor has done a bronze PVD treatment here to make it overall beautiful and consistent. The inner bottom is equipped with Tudor's own movement MT5601, which is based on the earlier MT5612. And the movement is of high specification, with silicon hairspring, variable inertia balance wheel and 70 hours power reserve. Like all Tudor's self-produced movements, it has also obtained COSC certification. From all the signs, there is nothing to worry about, it should be the main force of Black Bay's non-calendar models. Winding and setting are stable, timing is as you wish. Although the lack of date function is a bit impractical, it can keep the dial clean and symmetrical. Black Bay Bronze is a big watch. The diameter is 43 mm and it is located on top of the "normal" size. The 15 mm thickness is obviously difficult to hide into the sleeve. People with thin wrists look a little awkward to wear. As for the strap, you can choose between a very high-quality slate grey fabric strap or a suede leather strap with a bronze buckle, which is a difficult choice. Provides a very different look. If I choose, I may lean towards the fabric, because the fabric strap Tudor purchased is the best I have ever seen on a watch, and it is produced by a company in Lyon, France, which is still working on the traditional weaving of jacquard. Although the changes to the new bronze watch are completely decorative, the appearance is very different after careful consideration. Matching the bronze case with a soft neutral color will counteract the warmth of the bronze. This is definitely a good comeback.
Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue Edition for Bucherer

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